» » Peachy Keen Films-What's In The Box part 3

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Peachy Keen Films-What's In The Box part 3

Peachy Keen Films-What's In The Box part 3
Aaron just got a brand fresh shipment from his fave mystery supplier. He muscles his fresh fucktoy in its unmarked cage down to his dungeon, anxious to open it and watch it’s contents. As he opens the cage, he observes her matte skin thru the plastic she was cautiously packaged in and his mind embarks to run crazy. He methodically unbuckles her containment, nearly in ritual as her odor commences to tantalize his nostrils. His fuck-stick get’s rock solid as he takes in every bit of her, smooching her lifeless corpse all the way down and undressing her to her fishnet tights. Laying her out on the plastic he deep throats on her udders and runs his tongue up her cold slit, getting her adorable and humid for his tear up boner. He catapults his penis deep inwards her, the iciness of her cunt sending quakes thru his pink cigar. He becomes incensed with her as he shoves into her, and he elevates her onto the sofa. Her gullet makes a flawless shell for his sock as he thrusts it deep into her mouth, before continuing to ravage her, her will-less limbs flopped hetero outer. Shortly his ball sack tighten and his penis hurls fourth his dude goo onto her belly, noisy throaty shrieks spew out from his jaws as his orgasm weakens him and he collapses, her gutless assets gliding off the bed onto the floor with him. When the afterglow of his postmortem enthusiasm washes away, he cautiously and caringly packages her back up in the plastic and hauls her away to his freezer for safe keeping.

Peachy Keen Films-What's In The Box part 3
Peachy Keen Films-What's In The Box part 3

Runtime : 27min 4s
File Size : 726 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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