» » Peachy Keen Films-Prisoner Punishment Beatdown

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Peachy Keen Films-Prisoner Punishment Beatdown

Peachy Keen Films-Prisoner Punishment Beatdown
Jessi has been taken prisoner. She is wearing only a garter belt and hip high pantyhose and her underpants have been cut open. She has been corded to the grate of her cage with her forearms behind her back. A guard comes in and embarks to crush her firm in the tummy repeatedly. He uses a club to bash her so that she is damaged and bleeding in her milky underwear. Then he hauls her inwards her cage to spend the night, cracked and bruising.
The next day, she awakes on the cold floor to find a sheer nightie that she has been trained to wear. She puts it on, horrified as to what might happen to her next. The guard liquidates her from her box and binds her again to the grate, this time with her forearms above her head. He proceeds to hammer her and use a cattle prod on her. He fondles the prod to her mammories and cooter, making her shriek and wiggle cruelly. When she passes out from the weariness and ache, he tosses water on her to wake her up.
He resumes the torment despite her desperate prayers to stop. He unties her so he can pulverize her from behind and make her fellate his manmeat. he shoots a load in her jaws and puts her back in the cage. The next day, the guard has her coated in jism, grease, sweat, and blood. He uses a flog this time, caning her boobies and hips stiff. After flogging her fervently for what seems to her like eternity, the guard ultimately stops and pulls out a knife. He embarks to cut her all over her figure.

There are 2 endings to this story.
1: She escapes.
In this finishing, she awakes the next day to find the box abandoned and the door open. She peels her crumpled, blood-soaked assets off the ground and ambles out to find help and medical attention.
2: The guards are ordered to kill her.
She awakes the next day to a few guards injecting her box. They hit the bloodstained dirt on the floor that is her figure. They punch her and use blunt objects until she dies.

Peachy Keen Films-Prisoner Punishment Beatdown
Peachy Keen Films-Prisoner Punishment Beatdown

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