» » Peachy Keen Films-Nikey Huntsman-The Abduction

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Peachy Keen Films-Nikey Huntsman-The Abduction

Peachy Keen Films-Nikey Huntsman-The Abduction
Nickey is in the locker apartment after a exercise when a dude in a ski mask comes in, brandishing a gun and saying her to get on the ground. She conforms, lounging facedown and positioning her palms behind her back. He zip binds her wrists together and takes her home to his dungeon space.
When they arrive, he eliminates her socks and trusses her ankles together. Disregarding her appalled prayers, he stands her up on a chair and places a noose around her neck. He crushes away the tabouret and she chokes, crushing her corded gams and fighting for air as her eyes flip around frantically in shock. She ultimately embarks getting weakened from the useless struggle for her life, and ultimately she dies.
The hooded dude frees her figure, which falls to the floor in a heap. He eliminates her remaining attire, her lifeless corpse flopping around on the cold concrete floor. After unclothing her, he gathers her garment and ambles over her assets, leaving her bod crooked and wide-eyed on the floor.

Peachy Keen Films-Nikey Huntsman-The Abduction

Runtime : 13min 8s
File Size : 256 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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