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Peachy Keen Films-Katarina Gets Killed

Peachy Keen Films-Katarina Gets Killed
Katarina Kay is in the office for another day of work. But theres a bit of pressure in the air because of her latest breakup with her brutish ex-bf Miles. To her surprise she hears a knock at the door, only to find Miles her feared ex-bf. Miles bribed the lazy security guard Rock and now heТs here! Katarina has had enough and wants him to leave, but sheТs frightened. She offers to fellate his shaft as lengthy as he leaves her alone.
She resumes to get on her knees and deep jaws his lengthy schlong over and over again. She works rock hard with 2 mitts, as you could hear in her squeals, to get this over with so she can ultimately get rid of Miles for excellent. Miles is sure to take advantage of this as he takes hold of her head and loves himself a skull smashing.
Miles says okay, ill leave you and let you go, and quickly takes hold of her discarded stocking and smothers her to death. She writhes and bellows, kneeing off her high-heeled slippers, but she canТt struggle against MilesТ cock-squeezing grasp. Once sheТs out, Miles determines he wants to strike that puss one last time. He rips her pantyhose open, and plumbs her. He rams his meatpipe in her will-less hatch before getting on top of her again and liking the heat while it lasts.
Rock, whoТs getting prepared to close up the house visits KatarinaТs office to turn off all the lights, only to find her lifeless bod on the bed. He thinks to himself, I never had the courage to ask this gorgeous nymph on a appointment. He gazes at her more, and starts to rub, experiencing the wish heТd always desired to practice. He notices her cooter is still raw and takes her back to his place. There, Rock gets to have fun with her bod, boning and deep throating on every one of her fuck holes. HeТs sexually aroused, its a wish come true to eventually nail the female at the office who heТd seen every day for years, so he takes advantage, putting her in every posture and screwing her to his hearts content.

Peachy Keen Films-Katarina Gets Killed
Peachy Keen Films-Katarina Gets Killed

Runtime : 41min 43s
File Size : 628 MB
Resolution : 1280x720

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