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Peachy Keen Films-Found Hanging

Peachy Keen Films-Found Hanging
A boy finds a magnificent female , lifeless, in a storage apartment. He is enraptured with her sweetheart and spends time leisurely going over her whole figure.
He smooches and tongues her, fondles her flesh, jug and hair, and plays with her draping soles. Afterward, he brings her back to his room. He flops her onto his couch. He admires her shape, then ascends on her shape, leisurely touching her.
He moves up and down her bod, kneading, fellating, tonguing every inch of her glowing slick flesh. He plays with her hair and pays exclusive attention to her flawless feet—even tonguing and deep-throating her toes. Afterwards, he sets her up for a bit, frolicking with her some more before letting her back down and turning her over. He admires her caboose, runs his arms over her, then looks at her feet–her feet.
Afterward, he shifts her back over, repositions her, then lets himself love this doll one last time. He has orgy with the dead woman, sensing her tightness around him like a accustomed glove. He enjoys her for that moment. Then, he ejaculations and is weakened. He leaves her there, laying on his couch, not wanting to deal with the reality of her situation at the moment. He will let her lie there for a while–looking beautiful.

Peachy Keen Films-Found Hanging
Peachy Keen Films-Found Hanging

Runtime : 30min 40s
File Size : 935 MB
Resolution : 720x480

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