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Peachy Keen Films-Dangerous Toy

Peachy Keen Films-Dangerous Toy
Muddy biotch, Melissa Moore, is sitting, nude, on the floor, making herself jizm with a super-sized electro-hitachi. Squealing and choking, she is so concentrated on her needy bud that she has downright forgotten that a intense enough climax can cause fatal heart arrhythmias. Sure enough, after one eye-rolling, toe-curling, humdinger of a orgasm, she passes out, the hump fucktoy still whirring inbetween her gams. Fortunately, her acquaintance, Max, stumbles in on her.

At very first, he thinks it’s jokey that the randy tart fell asleep, her gorgeous mammories and youthful cunny unveiled, while tugging, but he shortly finds that she’s not sighing. Rapidly laying her down, he embarks CPR. Her meaty hooters are mashed under his arms, as he presses insanely on her torso in an effort to restart her heart. Again and again, he pumps on her rib box, pausing only to check her pulse, before starting another obese.

He attempts his finest, but after a while, he realizes that she is not going to wake up. Stringing up his head, he accepts that she is dead and nothing he can do will bring her back. Max is not one to dwell on the past or wallow in sorrow, though, and he knows that Melissa would like to be remembered as she was in life. A kinky tart that luvs having rod inwards her.

Sitting her up, back propped against the bed, Max parts her tender, utter lips and glides his hard-on into her hatch. Capturing onto her hair, he face humps the sleeping trollop, slobber leaking out of her facehole to cascade off his dick. Tossing her up on the bed, he opens up her gams and submerges his prick into her helpless coochie. Rolling her over, he holds rigidly onto her shapely thighs and romps into her from behind.

Using the floppy mega-bitch like a lump of meat, he keeps ravaging her vagina, until he spunks, pumping a explosion of ball mayo deep inwards her. After he’s had his joy, he leaves her corpse, nude and well ravaged, to lie on the sofa. Ambling off, Max goes for the phone. There are very likely other who will want to “pay their respects”.

Peachy Keen Films-Dangerous Toy
Peachy Keen Films-Dangerous Toy

Runtime : 29min 29s
File Size : 617 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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