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Peachy Keen Films-Bonus Girl

Peachy Keen Films-Bonus Girl
She woke up after a cute sleep, naked on her couch. It was time for college and she had to put on her uniform. She clad cautiously, making everything was on correctly from her bind to her stocking. She left for college.
A boy comes in her apartment, searching for things to steal. Her laptop, jewelry–whatever youthful femmes have laying about these days of value. He hears her approaching, and heads to the closet. She comes in and watches him before he can lurk. She tells him to get out. Sans a thought, he shoots her in the pecs. She falls to the couch, twitching strenuously.
He resumes to search her place as she lays on the bed–hopefully briefly to die. She slows down, and becomes still and it would seem that she was dead. But, alas, she has a 2nd wind and while he is dispersed, she crawls off the couch, heading to the door to get help. He witness this and once more, sans a thought of the youthfull life he is taking, shoots her—twice–in the back. She collapses to the floor, makes some momentary death throws–her hatch packing with blood—then, is dead.
Completing his task, he determined that this dead damsel is a bonus for him. He scoops her up and puts her on her sofa. He leisurely peels off off her clothes, leaving her tights on. He investigates her youthfull, smallish bod. After a while, he thumbs her cock-squeezing honeypot and lets his hard-on inspect her agape throat as she lays will-less and dead. He then determines to have lovemaking with this college girl and resumes to smash her youthfull corpse.
He drills her in a few postures, but it is in rear end that she senses the finest gloving his pulsing bone and ultimately pulls out and dumps his flow all over her cock-squeezing lush donk. He tips her back on to the couch and poses her before he leaves.

Peachy Keen Films-Bonus Girl
Peachy Keen Films-Bonus Girl

Runtime : 29min 41s
File Size : 802 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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