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Choke Chamber-Routine

Choke Chamber-Routine
Ayumi, nicer known as the Destroyer, left her senior life behind. Once a level 3 assassin, she now spends her days at home luving all the regular things life has to offer; like music, tv, and food. But the COMPANY is not blessed with her decision to just, up and leave. So, at times they send a team of 4 killers, to take out out. Today, will be the forward try on her life, but she’s not worried; she’s been thru it before. Her day embarks with a fine breakfast and comedy demonstrate for few laughs, then mid day, lays down to power-nap, but, she not alone. An assassin shows up, assuming she’s helpless. He onslaught, receiving a thunderous punch to the head, sending him crashing to the ground. As she passes him, she snaps his neck. She moves thru the building, but, around every corner is a fresh assassin. One by one the assassins assault Ayumi, and are killed in a multiplicity go neck cracks. Just another routine day for Ayumi.

Choke Chamber-Routine

Runtime : 12min 22s
File Size : 264 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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