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Choke Chamber-Redemption

Choke Chamber-Redemption
Lyn works out in the local gym, 5 time a week. Just married to her wealthy spouse, she can afford to not work. Her only job now, is to glance great for her husband. But lately, Lyn has had a experiencing something was wrong with her relationship, so she hired an investigator, who confirms his cuckoldry with his fresh assistant that Lyn hired for him. Her worst dreads have come true. Lyn, at first-ever disappointed, builds to a anger. After all, she gave up everything for him. According to her culture, she has been dishonored, and now seeks vengeance. Devising a plan… she calls him, and informs him of her plan to throttle his assistant to death. One script she describes; takes place in the gym with Lyn garrote gagging the assistant, opened up throughout a exercise bench, for what seems an awfully lengthy time till she expires. In another scenario… the assistant comes home from work, and gets handy on the bed, waiting for her paramour to arrive. But she’s not alone. Lyn creeps down the stairs, to, behind her. She pulls a nylon stockings trained, then, fastly wraps it around her neck, and pulls as stiff as she can, until the home wrecker is dead. In her last story, she attacks the assistant as she comes in her own home, capturing her by neck, and drives her back into the wall, straining her seize tills the bi-atch dies.

Choke Chamber-Redemption

Runtime : 15min 45s
File Size : 276 MB
Resolution : 1440x1080

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