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Choke Chamber-Lady Of The Lyon

Choke Chamber-Lady Of The Lyon
Lily Lyon is one hell of a super-sexy gal. Built like a queen, she disarms every guy she meets with her brilliant giant baps, bony midbody and slick passionate flesh. After her exercise, she showers, then, drying off, fondles every inch of her figure with lanolin. As she caresses, she becomes sexually aroused, and commences pleasing herself, twisting and turning with each grope, until… Lily looks up, and is dazed, to observe a doll standing in the bedroom doorway, filming her. The ladies erupts into the apartment, accusing Lily of counter espionage against the U.S. government. Of course Lily refuses it until Agent Danes pulls her weapon. During the interrogation, Agent Danes takes her eyes off Lily for a fraction of a 2nd, permitting Lily to retrieve a weapon, shooting Danes in the forehead. She falls onto the bed… dead .

Choke Chamber-Lady Of The Lyon

Runtime : 25min 48s
File Size : 321 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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