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Choke Chamber-Freak Fantasies

Choke Chamber-Freak Fantasies
Zac is a mischievous stud, so when his wifey is away, Zac luvs to have fun. He calls his fave Call Gal service, and orders a supah molten blonde with humungous melons. Unnecessary to say, Zac is pleasurably astonished when Candy arrives. She’s everything he asked for, and more, but from the minute she commences chatting, all he wants to do is capture her by the neck, and smother her to death. Zac is puzzled, having never sensed this way before. He snaps out of his tiny wish, and attempts to manage his urges. But as she dances, striping off her top, Zac, shocked, grasps a computer cable, and rapidly, from behind, wraps the wire around her neck, and pulls, and pulls. They both fall onto the sofa, where Zac tightens his grasp. It takes a lengthy time, but finally Candy gives way to her scars, all of a sudden dyeing, eye broad open.

Choke Chamber-Freak Fantasies

Runtime : 20min 36s
File Size : 352 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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