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Psycho-Thrillers-Pay Up Daddy

Psycho-Thrillers-Pay Up Daddy
A teenager lady parents leaving town for the weekend.

She is aroused and can’t wait to tell her greatest pal. She step outside on her back yard to call her finest buddy and tell her the titillating news. While on the phone, the pool fellow over hears her conversations. When she heads back inwards her palace to get well-prepped for college, the pool man call his Russian buddy & told him what he over heard.

Parents leave the palace. Teen dame is ambling home from college all sexually aroused for her joy weekend, listening to music. She began to have the sensing that someone is following her. She looked around but spotted that it was just beasts in trees.
She get home and heads into her apartment and embarks making phone calls to her buddies to invite them for soiree. Having no acknowledgement that the entire time she was observed.
She commences to walk into the kitchen to get ready food for her soiree, but half way a hooded boy captured her from behind and chloroformed her. She put up some struggle but the chloroform was to mighty for her little bod. Later the teenage dame was carried into her parents bedroom and held. She is still under the sedation of the chloroform, tide with wrist bracelets and a gag in her gullet.
The Russian kidnapper had a camera set up to film the joy for her rich parent. He spank her face few times to wake her up, she freaking out. He is chatting to the camera, saying dad to pay up or he will never observe her again. To make sure her parent know he is not drilling around he commence molesting the teenager woman.
Rubbin' her bosoms, pawing her labia thru her undies, spanking her inward hips while he films everything. Her youthfull virginity got him carried away and he got more harsh with her. He flosses her cootchie with her underpants and tears her hooter-sling. The Russian gets turn on by her blubbering, shrieking and wants to hear more and more. Rip her underpants, aroma her cunt, then he pulls out his chisel, forcefully turn her to her side and rammed his bone in her youthful virginal cootchie. The teenage groans and shrieks. She is in anguish but the man luvs it, so his plumbing her tighter and stiffer. Filming all of it for her dad. To give him a real taste of his daughter-in-law misery, he plumbed her firm in a few postures. His saying the camera he is being serious while he is deep inwards her and his love it. The kidnapper gets more revved on by her oppressive domination.
He wished more arousal.!
He comes back to nubile gal and captured her neck. Eyeing her fighting and struggling for breath indeed turns him on.
He squashes her gullet firmer, the nubile is swishing and choking for air. His grab is getting stiffer. The teenager woman is struggling for her life. After a few minutes her assets slows down to glamour movements, but it’s the very first signs of death that she is injecting. Her figure yanks and she is leisurely dead. The Russian films her dead assets. Realizing he went to far, he won’t get all the ransom he is praying for. He tell her father, he wants the money for her dead figure.
He is looking at her bod laying there with all of its innocents. He turns her face down booty up and smashed her for the last time from behind. Cuming all over here butt, to add some additional harassment for her father to see.

Psycho-Thrillers-Pay Up Daddy
Psycho-Thrillers-Pay Up Daddy

Runtime : 38min 46s
File Size : 1.15 GB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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