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Chris Corner-Steep Price For Necro

Chris Corner-Steep Price For Necro
After drugging, groping, photographing, and throttling the flighty redheaded model to death, the camera operator takes his time with his newly dead corpse. He leisurely checks out her neck and the pantyhose still roped to her lengthy, slim neckline. He begins leisurely checking out her thick and brilliant mammories with his thumbs, caressing and tweaking the still swell nips. He grips them one at a time then together. He wants more so he moves around the couch to get a frontal look. He gets on all fours down and plays with the hefty cupcakes more, then tongues and inhales them both accurately. He stuffs his face in inbetween them and fumbles them all over his face and head. He pulls the dead woman up to him and unbuttons his trousers, he takes her soles up over his shoulders one at a time and then captures the pair of pinkish high heeled pumps from her bag. He puts the boots over her toes so they hang and smells her luxurious soles and boots. He is enthralled with her soles and idolizes them in his face and hatch. He begins to tear up her and gains his pace tearing up her so her massive orbs wiggle to and fro. He heads deep, then rolls her over to check out her bum and her feet, sizing her up for a bit of rear end fashion. Her feet are ideal and her rump is sumptuous. He boinks her drowning her head in the couch. He pokes her rear end for a bit stuffing her backside rock-hard as he pounds her. He then shifts her back over, now truly interested in the soles for the rest. He gets her well-prepped for some sole luving as he grapples her dead bod on the bed rag dolling her and posing her in a mind-blowing death stance so he can jizz. He gets her soles up on the mitt of the bed and snuffles her feet and her painted toes. The deep crimson is his fave and it displays. His gullet is open and he is breathless, slurping his chops for the soles. He once again strings up the rosy pumps from her soles and then lets them droplet, reposing them on the soles, then standing up to climb on her soles he gets rid of the high-heeled shoes and screws her nude soles until he pops all over them, shooting his jism on her toes so the paint on them sparkles. He lets her have it all on her soles and when it subsides, and after pawing his boner all over the soles, he leisurely exits to get cleaned up. Assets pans go after as the killer, dead, and posed sandy-haired model lays soles up on the bed palm, facialed in jizz. After viewing her marvelous dead assets and face, soles, eyes, tongue, and udders, he comes back in and captures the shell with the check and tears it up and of course has something brainy to say. A duo more views go after with the torn up check on her breasts.

Chris Corner-Steep Price For Necro
Chris Corner-Steep Price For Necro

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File Size : 662 MB
Resolution : 1280x720

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