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Chris Corner-Red Rose Strangler

Chris Corner-Red Rose Strangler
A killer, fashionable, gal in a sundress, hip highs, lengthy satin gloves, and high high-heeled shoes, is astonished by a guy behind the bed. As she smells a uber-cute crimson rose, and getting lost in the moment, the boy fastly wraps the crimson stockings around her neck with quickness and smothers her as she erotically attempts to maneuver away. She is clamped down by the man’s garotte, bucking and displaying upskirt views of her mind-blowing underpants, finally crushing off the high-heeled slippers and demonstrating her splendid toes, and soles in her dark-hued, sheer, hip highs. She fights sexily, her motions and sounds express that she is leisurely being taken over by the lack of air, but still retains her hottie more than ever. Her dollars and grimaces, slow, her soles and gams extend, and loosen. The crimson stockings that matches the crimson rose that stays in her forearm, until her final breath is totally gone, and the rose falls to the ground, gesticulating the last bit of motion, and her final death gawp. The guy waits for a minute, looking over her from behind the bed, then he postures her lengthy ways on the couch, and unsheathes her adorable boobies. He checks her out for a few seconds before substituting the crimson rose in her arm, and on her torso below her melons. He exits with the thoughts of her uber-cute, stunning, flawless figure, fighting so sexily from the throttle. What a elegant chick, in her stunning death tosses and adorable death stare.

Chris Corner-Red Rose Strangler

Runtime : 11min 0s
File Size : 919 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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Chris Corner-Red Rose Strangler_xxxrape.net.wmv - 919.4 MB

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