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Chris Corner-Pool Shark Strangle

Chris Corner-Pool Shark Strangle
It’s just another day for Zander. He has an EdsList advertisement up claiming that he will have fun anyone in 8 ball, anytime, for money. His first-ever date of the day is Stevie. She is a super-hot number, tall, ash-blonde, with her own cue. She comes thru the door and gets down to biz, putting her fresh stick together. Zander is tonguing his chops. It is his break so he gives it his all. Crack!! He is off by a hair and fails to drown anything. The scorching rocker dame knocks her very first, then 2nd, then 3rd ball in, then resumes to run the table, ending with a hop shot over the Two ball to knock the 8 ball in the corner pocket. No need to call it, she came to his mansion, on his table, and embarrassed him. She asks him to furnish the cash, he says, “double or nothing”? She replies, “Nah, that was too effortless, I am on to my next appointment”.

The youthfull stud is urinated, he tells her to wait while he heads to his apartment to get the cash. She violates down her cue, and then takes her necklaces off, to head to her next game throughout town. He comes back with something, but not cash, just a bony rope to throttle the urinate out of her. He comes up stealth and swift as she asks him what he is doing. He wraps the strap around her neck and pulls her to the table, she chokes and crushes, not realizing what is even happening. When she bodies out that she is being throttled, she commences to struggle rock-hard, grasping at the garrote, and bucking her thighs to uncover the molten crimson, translucent underpants. She struggles him rock-hard, but the dude has the upper arm, and proceeds to go firmer and stiffer. Her veins are popping out in her neck and head, as her tongue, fishes for air. Her eyes go from blue and milky, to blue and crimson hastily as she is lacking oxygen. He does not give up, and neither does she. The lady dollars, leans, takes hold of, and straightens her gams until her force is gone. She is losing the battle and eventually gives her last choke as she is dispatched to her final place.

The youthfull fellow cannot fight back, so he takes the super-fucking-hot blonde’s boot and socks, then her underpants. He pulls her bod to the verge of the pool table and jams it in. He pumps her rock hard and hasty, her assets impulses and heaves to his rhythms, and gives her more and more, quicker and swifter until he ends, and then orgasms. He fastly exits, leaving the half nude, miniskirt raised up, milk cans out, ash-blonde laying on the table, dead for us to enjoy!

Chris Corner-Pool Shark Strangle

Runtime : 13min 46s
File Size : 258 MB
Resolution : 640x480

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Chris Corner-Pool Shark Strangle_xxxrape.net.wmv - 258.1 MB

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