Chris Corner-Ingrids Brutal Fate

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Astrid’s step-sister Ingrid has been missing her for a while, after joining the military and struggling for 2 years in a brutish war, attempting to avenge her sisters aggressive murder. After her duty she rejoined her death iron cangue and went on excursion for a few months. Now, back in Norway she is having her coffee and listening to music. Her older manager calls her and she tells him not to worry, she has the password safe and it is on her person. After relaxing the dude down and ensuring him that the password is safe, she turns on some music and heads to a cedar wood pipe that has her guitar from journey. She picks it up and touches her guitar for a moment, strumming the strings, then setting it cautiously on to the wall. She sits back down listening to her beloved song. She is unsuspicious of a hooded fellow that is coming for her. She stands up and moans at him praying why he is here in her building. He tells her that “dead dolls don’t need to know why”, he is there to penalize her for what she did during the war, and to collect the password to the mainframe of the rebellion. she tells him if he wants money he can have the money and reaches in the bed cushions, bringing out a pistol and the hooded guy who is taught to struggle, knocks it far away to the floor. He heads in with a rock hard crush to the gut, she struggles back crushing him in the kidneys. They brawls rock hard, she takes many head shots and then some figure shots. She is holding her own but he gets the upper palm, kneeing her rock hard in the face to the point of her not struggling as stiff. Inrgid is in distress and attempts to struggle back. The fellow grips her gam and cracks it with a stiff crush, then again on her knee, she yells in agony but won’t stop struggling. She crawls for the gun and gets to the pistol and he steps on her arm throwing the gun to the other side of the floor. Then he tramples and crushes the light-haired sis. He takes hold of her by her hair and kicks her, picking her up by her hair and eyeing her battered gam attempting to stand. He bashes on her firmer and tighter, violating her mitt at the shoulder nest, the sounds of the cracks can be heard as violates her bones. He knocks her face down on the couch and crushes her stiff, cracking her neck each crush, tiny by lil'. He hauls her up by her hair, her neck liberate from numerous violates and at least 25 kicks that crunch, as she wobbles and her tongue is out eyes flipping in her head. He picks her up again by her hair after bashing her more and uses his mitt to strike her neck from behind, then flips her around for a duo of phat crushes to the face. The fattest crush knocks her back into the cedar chisel, which is like a immense cage that she fits in ideally. Her spasming figure falls right into the cell and her gams stick up displaying her shoes and milky socks jamming out from them. She proceeds to yank and jolt as she is dead from numerous neck cracks, but still spasms with her tongue out and eyes broad open. After a duo of different views of her in the cell, the stud rockets her out of the cage so she flips on the floor like a rag dame. He heads thru the apartment looking for the password. He rifles thru begging the corpse where he can find the password. He heads to the figure that is still scarcely convulsing from brutish death and rifles thru her attire, checking her pockets insanely, then he eliminates one of her footwear, uncovering the sloppy feet on her milky socks. He finds the password in her sock and smells his arm remarking about her soles and the odor, she needs to “clean herself bitch!” Now for his joy. He rag ladies her around harsh ripping off limbs and spinning her back and forward. He plays with her moth and then seizes her tongue, toying with the dead women tongue for a while. Then he liquidates her jacket rag dolling her around the floor, stinky and nibbling her socked sole minus the shoe, relishing her sock coated soles. He sits her up and jams her dead palm in his trousers and by hand fondles his weenie with her. He is getting highly thrilled as he plays with her stellar assets. He flattens her out and liquidates her trousers to her knees and arches her into a pummeling pose. His stiffy is stiff and he is prepped so he screws her rock-hard, in many different positions; missionary, gams over the shoulder, smooching the shoeless sole in the sock, from behind, and then he eliminates the other shoe, checking out her muddy feet of her socks. He drills her socked soles for a while, pawing his stiffy all over her feet and socks. After he penetrates her stiffer and blows a load for the very first time, he pulls his pink cigar out and she urinates all over the couch. He says something to the affect that it is repugnant and she is a sloppy breezy. When he is done he scoops her will-less bod up and goes to the bedroom where he throws her down and falls asleep. He sleeps with her all night, she is still in her clothes and socks. When he wakes up he observes the super-steamy corpse laying next to him and wants more. He puts her forearm on his pipe thru his trousers and has her touch him. He by hand uses her dead palm to get him rigid then he pulls her trousers down to her knees, flings her over on her belly, and pounds her from behind plane on the couch rock-hard for a brief time, being so sexually aroused from his cravings he ejaculates rock-hard. After he finishes off he spins her over he checks out her bod for a moment, then spins her over to her back, toying with her throat and fantastic tongue that still plunges out from her throat. After touching her and toying with her a bit more he knows he has to leave to get delivers to dispose of her. He leaves and assets pans ensue. When he comes back from gathering the delivers, after a few hours, he hauls her throughout the couch and picks her up and carries her to the bed again. Setting her so her gams and culo are on the bed and her head and shoulders on the floor. When he sets her down and stands back for a moment she urinates herself again, making a splash on the bed. He comments that she is ugly and should have concluded earlier. He checks out her soles as he puts one of the shoes back on so he can check her out for a bit before uncovering disposition. Figure pans of the dead luxurious neck battered dame, Astrid’s sis Ingrid. They were both violent warriors that died cruel deaths for their war crimes, and paid dearly for them.

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