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Choke Chamber-Zombie Huntress

Choke Chamber-Zombie Huntress
Michelle and Serena are inwards the virtual world of Zombie Huntress. Our 2 super-fucking-hot huntresses, reaching level 5, eventually locate the source of the Zombie army. Arriving at their final destination in the game, they budge up the driveway to Dr. Apocalypto’s stronghold. In a show, dozens of armed Zombies onslaught from every direction. During the swap, the dolls take a few strikes, ultimately reseting the game, permitting her colleague to now be the shooter. They explosion their way into the stronghold, shooting numerous targets every step of the way. The Hunters make their way to the top floors, where the activity is ruthless. Each fresh level doubles the Zombie’s violent attacks. Shortly, Michelle and Serena are over-run. Very first Michelle is shot a few times bringing her down. Serena stands rock hard, until she is hammer. The game resets over and over, until our Hunters lie dead. Game over. Much of the activity takes place, from the shooter’s point of view.

Choke Chamber-Zombie Huntress

Runtime : 19min 48s
File Size : 517 MB
Resolution : 1920x892

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Choke Chamber-Zombie Huntress_xxxrape.net.mp4 - 516.9 MB

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