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Choke Chamber-Surprise Attack

Choke Chamber-Surprise Attack
Lacey is fresh to the world of mercenaries. Her 2nd kill was not what she expected it would be. Now, she wants out of the Organization, but there’s a problem. In for a penny, in for a penetrate, no one leaves the company, unless it’s in a figure bag. But, Lacey is sensational. Her instructing martial instructing embarked at age 5. She a bad backside, inborn born jaw-dropping. When the organization send 2 of their finest masculine agents, she lightly takes out the very first assassin with crushes and gasp holds. Angry, Lacey playthings with him, then snaps his neck with his gams. As she moves down the hall, Assassin number 2, attacks her from behind, but she rolls, sending him into the wall, then pumps out a barrage of kicks to his bod. As he slips down, Lacey crushes him in the nut-sack over and over. Painfully hammered he attempts to crawl away, but Lacey gasps him from behind, then snaps his neck. She determines to go back to school, and get a fresh occupation.

Choke Chamber-Surprise Attack

Runtime : 15min 19s
File Size : 255 MB
Resolution : 1440x1080

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Choke Chamber-Surprise Attack_xxxrape.net.mp4 - 255.0 MB

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