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Choke Chamber-Shoot Em Both

Choke Chamber-Shoot Em Both
Slade the Hunter, is a cold blooded marvelous, with forty seven kills on his resume. His fresh missions is, to retrieve a display drive, that was stolen from the Organization. He tracks the thieves to a palace in the Florida Keys, where, pistol in forearm, he closes in on 2 sisters, known as Dual Grief. Slade stealthily moves around the hideout, to the terrace, where he finds Lace, smoking a ciggie. He relaxes in, and instantaneously opens fire, hammering her a few times in the figure. As she falls to the cement, and attempts crawling away, Slade shoots her again and again. Sans skipping a strike, he moves into the mansion, finding Silk on the phone, trying to selling the display drive. As she drapes up the phone, she witnesses Slade moving in the direction of her. Silk opens fire, running, she lurks behind a plank. Slade ensues, but is penetrated in the nut, by Silk, tossing his game off. She runs to the door, but Slade is hasty to recover, shooting in the back over and over. The dolls never stood a chance.

Choke Chamber-Shoot Em Both

Runtime : 15min 2s
File Size : 304 MB
Resolution : 1440x1080

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Choke Chamber-Shoot Em Both_xxxrape.net.mp4 - 303.7 MB

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