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Choke Chamber-Bounty Hunter

Choke Chamber-Bounty Hunter
A rogue agent, Deadly Darcie is wreaking havoc on the Agency. Well instructed agents, who have gone up against her, don’t live to converse about it. When all options fail, the Agency calls in an elite couple of supah gift hunters, Spade and Vladimir. 2 very frosted, but perverse agents, with an emphasis on perverse. Now it’s their job to bring down the renegade anyway possible. As our squad closes in, we witness flashbacks of Darcy killing numerous agents, every way possible. From gunplay to gam and barehanded strangulations, she’s a monster. A all-natural born stellar. Michelle is first-ever in, but Darcie, fast on the draw, shoots her dead in the pecs. But she’s made a gigantic error. Spade was the first-ever in, because she was the pawn… permitting Vladimir to sneak up behind her, weapon instructed on her back. She turns as he empties his pinch into her. Another renegade nibbles the dust.

Choke Chamber-Bounty Hunter

Runtime : 7min 11s
File Size : 150 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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Choke Chamber-Bounty Hunter_xxxrape.net.mp4 - 149.5 MB

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