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Choke Chamber-All Come In Twos

Choke Chamber-All Come In Twos
Lacey Lu is a cool gal, but she has a few bad habits. She enjoys swift money, and it’s not underneath her to steal anything she can get her gloppy lil' mitts on. Her chief has detected that Lacey has been steal from him, so he sends a few goons to take her out. Lacey arrives home, and briefly realizes… someone’s in her room. She mitts herself, and moves down the hall, where one of the goon, surprising her, spanks the gun from her palm. They fight, but he coerces her to the floor, where Lacey knocks him off with a kick. She gasps him, then sits on his face as he fights, she gets off. Then she snaps his neck. She realizes, it’s time to run. After cramming a bag, she hurries into the hall where she’s faced by a 2nd goon, who shoots her in the pecs and belly . She mocks him, until he shoots her again. His last bullet hammers her in the forehead. Her last thought was… she plumbed up for 5 hundred dollars.

Choke Chamber-All Come In Twos

Runtime : 15min 17s
File Size : 243 MB
Resolution : 1440x1080

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