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Exxxstreme Secrets-Bloody Set

Exxxstreme Secrets-Bloody Set
During GG porno set Christie seems to be Irritated from commencing. She make complaints to director about everything. When she begin filming her episode, she call “CUT” every time she don’t like something. After calling “CUT” for the 3th time, director got to leave the set to quiet himself down. When he come back he apologize to the gals, pick up the camera & commence filming again. Sarah was laying down on her back & licking Christie’s beaver who was on her knees over Sarah’s head. Director made comment “I would pulverize that cunny..” And whorey already irritated Christie reply”CUT” ” OVER MY DEAD BODY”. Then the director pour out, step off the set, grub knife & walk behind Christie & by one swoop he cootchie her mouth. Her blood begin exploding from her neck all over herself & on top of Sarah who was pent up beneath of her. Uber-sexy dropped Christie’s bod on top of Sarah who was freaking out. He demonstrate Sarah the knife & warn her to behave. Then he flip dead Christie on side, walk to Sarah who was still sobbing & intensity her to give him Deep throat. Then he grubbed her gams ,bring her closer to him & boink her perky beaver with his meatpipe. He Screw Sarah stiff, she was struggling him away but he just wedging her stiffer till he jizm in her. Sarah cried & call him names. He grubbed his knife again, hopped on sofa with her , place it on her neck & by one maneuverability slipped Sarah’s gullet. Sarah made bizarre noise , swish, & begin going into shock. He walk to Christie, stick his weenie in her gullet & make her do necro Fellatio. Then he flip Christie around & commence slamming her when Sarah was still grimacing. He tear up Christie till he pop on her bloodstained twat. Then he place Christie’s dead assets next to her co employee Sarah, put knife in Christie’s forearm, open Sarah eyes & leave.

Exxxstreme Secrets-Bloody Set
Exxxstreme Secrets-Bloody Set

Runtime : 18min 36s
File Size : 635 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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