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Peachy Keen Films-Dinner Hit

Peachy Keen Films-Dinner Hit
2 dolls, paramours, sneaking away from their spouses to be with each other. They are having dinner in a individual apartment. A waiter complies them gulps while they wait for their dinner and chat about each other and their spouses.
But, what they did not hope was that there spouses, both in the same mafia crime family, were aware of their deceptions. And, tonight, they have arraigned for a hammer on their wives.
The waiter is the hammer fellow.
He comebacks to tell them their dinner will be a lil' longer then turns and leaves. As the damsels lodge back into conversation, he calls out to one damsel. She turns to view. Pffft....in the head and she falls dead on the table. The other woman is in shock and as she is about to perv out, he promptly turns the gun on her....pffft, in the forehead. She is dead, head, back over the brink of the hair gawping blankly up at the ceiling.
With both femmes dead, his joy embarks.
He take his time. This is why he pleaded for this beat. Theses wives were the finest and he wished them. He undressed off Heidi's sundress to unveil her jugs, sensed them...so sleek, then set her down on the floor to have fun with her. He sensed her all over, then thumbs deep in her super-hot muff. When he was weakened of this, he positioned Cole on the floor. She was highly lovely with meaty, sleek, baps. He laid her on Heidi, then toyed with her too. Shortly, he was toying with her puss and eventually, he entered and drilled her sizzling corpse. He observed her yam-sized bra-stuffers shake as he ravaged her. When he was done, he posed them both and left them to be found.

Peachy Keen Films-Dinner Hit
Peachy Keen Films-Dinner Hit

Runtime : 18min 36s
File Size : 386 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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