Peachy Keen Films-Space Monk Surprise

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Kitten Slotts, luxurious area agent 0069 has been deployed by the S.P.Y. Bureau on a mission to smash xxxx building and meet with “Back of Throat” an undercover mole informant well-prepped to reveal gentle secrets for the right price. Tiny does she know, she’s been followed by the mystical molester, Space Monk – a sextuple agent working for super-criminal terrorist organization B.A.D.D.

Space Monk materializes, surprising the stunned Slotts with blows to her smooth, latex-sheathed, finely-honed assets. After predominant her with an organ-rupturing torrent of crushes, a left hook to her open hatch knocks her to the floor, dazedly wriggling on the floor in ache. A drizzle of his mind powers disabling her resistance oftentimes, Space Monk unbuckles 0069’s skintight catsuit, jerking her revealed bumpers before commanding her to get down on all fours. Weak to fight back, perplexed and compliant, she serves Space Monk’s monastic orders, deep throating his wakening member into pulsating gagging hazard with taunting masturbates of her limber tongue, enclosed in the scorching humidity of her greedy hatch.

Angry veins throbbing with superior enjoyment, Kitten takes the shitty lancing of Space monk’s violent boink implement deep into her yanking mouth – her quaking figure wracked with convulsive tries to cough up the life threateningly enormous pillar, but only lubing its deepening penetration with viscous phlegm while her gullet betrays her survival instinct, madly drooling as it attempts to gargle him entire into her.

A moment before burying Kitten, Space Monk pulls his length from her mayo crammed jaws as her tongue moistly flails, gripping at the withdrawing boner, seeming to favor the oppressive mass over the rest of her body’s survival. Slurping, smooching, smearing it’s dribbling length over her face, Kitten recovers her breath lengthy enough to be rewarded with a perverse skull-fucking. Spewing lengthy cables of their combined cream, the throat-goring attack tightens Space Monk’s nut sack and the enormous gagging load of glue-thick jism packs her hatch. Keeping agent 0069’s awareness hostage at the edge of life-ending dread and bewildered delectation, Space Monk takes Kitty’s head in both arms, lollipop still deep in her uselessly retching gullet and hauls her incapacitated figure via the floor, driving her skull with repeated hitting into the nearby couch. Concussed and oxygen abandoned, her tormented esophagus packing with slaver and spunk, Kitty’s last living awareness is her every muscle yanking in fading power as her lungs and jaws overflow with a 2nd searingly molten fountain of from his lethal weapon.

Peachy Keen Films-Space Monk Surprise
Peachy Keen Films-Space Monk Surprise

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Resolution : 1280x720

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