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Peachy Keen Films-Hogtie Killer 7

Peachy Keen Films-Hogtie Killer 7
The cops tiny sis had run away from home. She had been staying with a relative for protection. She did not know why. She just knew she was missing out on her high college social life. So, she ran away to her actual home. No one was around. She got prepped to go out with her pals to a youth club.
While she waited, she put on her make-up, brushed her hair and got dresses, leisurely sliding on some back lace top hip highs and some back gloves. While she was waiting, her sis called her to chastis her for running away. It was no meaty deal, she thought.
Afterward, there was a knock on the door. She thought it was her buddies. She was way wrong. The gorgeous, slugged her in the gut, then proceeded to strike her senseless for a few minutes. At one point, she was able to get a hammer to his pubes, but that just made him madder. Once she was unconscious, he throws her up on the sofa and corded her up.
He had slew of time to filth with her and as he did, she woke. She was scaring, weeping, praying him to stop. But, he would not. He pressed her for the info about her sista, but she claimed she had no idea. He did not believe her and commenced tormenting her with his trusty taser. All over her bod he tased her, but she would not–or could not tell him anything. He takes out a knife and tantalizes her with it, eventually cutting off her brassiere and underpants.
He took a break and began to study her labia. She told him she was a cherry. He had no idea why–like he would want to stop or something. Not at all. He inserted his finger into her cock-squeezing vulva and pulled it out with some *****. She was saying the truth. He continued to finger her and incorporated the taser. At one point, he actually dazed himself. That made him so furious, he tasered her into unconsciousness. While she was out, he searched her room.
At this point, he gave up attempting to get info. Now, he just dreamed to have joy. In a drawer, he found a fake penis and a hitachi. He used the fake penis on her first-ever, the the massager–forcing her to ejaculation.
Now, he determined it was time to test her manmeat deep throating abilities. He plumb her to deep-throat in knob in various ways, wedging it down her jaws and making her gag. Eventually, when he was done, he got her back up on the sofa for more fun.

Peachy Keen Films-Hogtie Killer 7
Peachy Keen Films-Hogtie Killer 7

Runtime : 36min 54s
File Size : 703 MB
Resolution : 1280x720

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