Peachy Keen Films-Wish Fairy

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Abruptly, there was a show and before him amidst sparkles and glows was a highly uber-cute dame. She explained to him she was a pixie and could grand him Three dreams. He was looking her over, attempting to wrap his pea brain around the concept. All he desired to do was boink her. She was getting nervous--noticing that his place was not so--pleasant.
Then, he torn up up--frustrated, he kept wishing for things in the wrong matter, making her more and more clumsy until all of a sudden, he did it, he desired his last fantasy. Now, all his cravings gone, and he had nothing. No money, no stardom, just this uber-cute smashing pixie sitting in front of him. And--her wings and vibrator were gone. She was his for the taking.
And, he was urinated off too. He could not understand how he lost his dreams and was going to take it out on her. He began bashing her. He hit her all over. She yelled in agony and enduring. But, he was not done. He took hold of a ample wrench he had and embarked striking her all over with that. Then, he knocked her out, dragged her to the center of the apartment, hooked her to a cord and hauled her up. She was flipping loosely for a moment. She woke right up and he began hitting her again. She would twist and turn this way and that as he smashed her. Scars everywhere, he was merciless. He did not care how pulverized up she looked as lengthy as she still had humid raw crevices that he could plow afterwards. He knocked her out again.
She woke on the couch and he was disrobing her and cutting off her undies. Then he finger smashed her before using some fuckfest fucktoys on her. She had a humungous pixie ejaculation. That was pretty marvelous, he thought, but now was well-prepped to get him some.
He dragged her off the couch and ****** his bone in her throat. He nailed her hatch and she gag and spitted on his yam-sized pecker. After a while of near gasping her, he threw her back on the sofa and commenced penetrating her. She was tight---probably never been boinked before. He nailed her rigid, all along she was blubbering. Ahhh, scanty pixie. Bang her. She did this to herself. He spinned her over and nailed her some more until she was just curled up and sobbing from being battered so much. Afterwards, she was strapped to a tabouret. He had been using her as a hook-up sub for days. She just desired to go him. She know how she could. She explained what he had to do to free her. He was intrigued, took the information, then promised to let her go if she would gargle him off one last time. She agreed.
He got a excellent pixie blowage. She took it in, deep, slobbed all over his bone. Then he drained it until him jizz shot into her throat on on her fleshy, broken face. Running in rivulets with jizz, damaged and in anguish, she thought he was going behind her to untruss her. She was wrong. He packaged the garrote rightly around her puny neck. She could not escape, bound to the stool. A bucket sat underneath her to catch the occasional blasts of urinate that shot from her cock-squeezing tiny hit up gash. She took a lengthy time to die. Raunchy lil' pixie she was. She twitched and milked about. All her muscles tenses, tongue out, gullet open, eyes open. In the end, she did not go with a honest display of light, but died, alone and miserable like most of his gimps do. She just gawp blankly, her head slumped forth.
He sat and observed her for a while. Not moving. Dead Pixie. He went over, looked her over one more time. He elevated her head, laid it back, then seized his instruments and left to go good more magic folk to plumb and murder.

Peachy Keen Films-Wish Fairy
Peachy Keen Films-Wish Fairy

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