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Peachy Keen Films-Rock Star

Peachy Keen Films-Rock Star
Nurse Jazzy ambles into her patient’s office and finds a major rock starlet lounging on the explore table. She shifts out and runs over to him, praising him and praying him to sing her a song. He sings her a few beams and makes complaints of a splitting-migraine and that he needs off the hook medicine. A deepthroat job, she wonders? Of course!
She’s not that kind of nurse and the workers don’t do that sort of thing anymore or they could face termination. He determines it’s not worth it to thrust her. He asks her to come closer so he can tell her about his fresh album, a secret perhaps. As she gets close his knuckle jams into her head and she heads down. He picks her up off the floor and sets her on the probe table and commences undressing her down, pulling out his pink cigar and tugging it as he preps his largest devotee. He leans her head over the brink and tears up her throat.
The Rock Starlet unwraps Nurse Jazzy’s underpants and starts screwing her taut cunny, grasping onto her boobs and yelling as he heals his “headache.” He drills her in a multitude of postures before she wakes up, mad. She commences attacking him, but he overcomes her attempting to tranquil her down. She never desired this, and since she’s not going to be spectacular about the situation, he determines to end her right there. He takes hold of ahold of her neck and squashes cock-squeezing, her face contorting as the oxygen starts to slow. He wiggles her and his forearms get harder until she heads will-less. He leaves her dead figure in the study apartment and leaves.

Peachy Keen Films-Rock Star
Peachy Keen Films-Rock Star

Runtime : 16min 17s
File Size : 496 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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