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Choke Chamber-Lies

Choke Chamber-Lies
When an unsatisfied, sexually repressed wifey of a strenuous CEO reaches her final threshold for patience, she determines to get out while she’s still youthfull and warm. Though, due to a metal dressed pre-marital agreement, divorce under standard circumstances will leave her with nothing but the clothes on her back. She realizes only an “accident” will get her the freedom, and money she wants. The suntanned vixen entices one of his bodyguards to assassinating her hubby. The resourceful husband catches wind of the storyline, and stops it dead in the tracks. He takes out the bodyguard. Now he realizes it’s only justice to get rid of his wifey indefinitely. He takes his gun and points it to his wifey. He knocks her out, and carries her assets to the couch where he unclothes her, prepared to love her one final time until she awakens and runs. He catches up the stellar mega-bitch and throttles on all 4s. After strenuous gasping, the hottie expires. Now that’s she’s’ dead, he determines to have a fine time… something he hasn’t had with his wifey for a lengthy time.

Choke Chamber-Lies

Runtime : 17min 9s
File Size : 440 MB
Resolution : 1280x720

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