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Choke Chamber-Cop killer

Choke Chamber-Cop killer

Choke Chamber-Cop killer

Filmed thru the point of look of an angry, disgruntled, ex-husband. When the preceding hubby of a strength greedy, hellion of a cop gets ticketed and sexually abused repeatedly, by his ex-wife he loses all manage. When confronted by his magnificent, towheaded police officer ex, he comes well-prepped, and attacks her chloroform. She passes out in his palms, and is carried up to his home . She awakens to find her palms and gams roped up. She controls to get out of the ties, and runs away. Husband catches her, grasps her from behind, and tosses her down on the sofa. He puts his palms on her neck, and gasps her out. She controls to escape, but he catches up with her, then thrusts her against the wall, and elevates her by the jaws. The copy fights, but her struggle is useless. Within moments, the cop is dead. Now a corpse, he takes her red-hot figure and takes off it nude. He checks out the genitals one last time, then leaves her sprawled agains the bed, dead, and lifeless.

Runtime : 15min 3s
File Size : 551 MB
Resolution : 1280x720

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