» » Choke Chamber-Claustrophobia-Pretty Blonde Hostage

Necro Porn | 27-07-2017, 15:04  

Choke Chamber-Claustrophobia-Pretty Blonde Hostage

Choke Chamber-Claustrophobia-Pretty Blonde Hostage

Choke Chamber-Claustrophobia-Pretty Blonde Hostage

In a cold, dark, and barren apartment lies a stunning light-haired cutie on the floor. She awakens from her slumber, only to find herself pent up, and alone in a apartment with no windows, just 4 walls. She is frightened! She attempts to escape to no avail. After 3 days in the apartment with no food, water, or human contact, the funked ultra-cutie is all of a sudden visited by the stud responsible for her entrapment. He grasps her from behind and tosses her against the apartment. He heads for her hatch, then gasps her until she loses consciousness. After taking her down, he begins to de-robe her. Turns out, he was her contractor… he’s had a punch on her all this time. After some unwrapping, and intense petting, she awakens only to be concluded off without mercy. Now that she’s dead, he continues to undressing her until she is totally stark bare. He massages her figure, plays with her cupcakes, and pins her nips. Then he takes it a step farther and stuffs his finger inwards her. He breaks her dead corpse sexually with his mitts. Once he’s had his cram, he leaves her bare, manipulated figure in the cold, dark, barren apartment for the rats to complete off.

Runtime : 10min 31s
File Size : 393 MB
Resolution : 1280x720

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