» » Psycho Thrillers-Angel Of Mercy part 7

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Psycho Thrillers-Angel Of Mercy part 7

Psycho Thrillers-Angel Of Mercy part 7
A nurse is taking care of mentally summoned patient Timmy. She has taken care of him for few months, switching his clothes when Timmy urinates himself, providing him his shots and pills.
One day she has a bad day. Her beau cheats on her and she is sad an angry at the same time. She wants some vengeance. She switches Timmy’s lingerie, she washes his sausage and when she is massaging on it, Timmy’s fuck-stick gets rock hard. She says, “Timmy you are bad dude,” and commences inhaling his sausage as vengeance. But she doesn’t accomplish him off.
When she is inhaling his spear she wants to pull out before he can spunk, Timmy grips her hair and gags her on his man rod and says,”Just conclude what you embarked tramp.” She is perplexed to learn Timmy is a standard healthy stud. “Timmy WTF?!! You toyed me the entire time!”
“Yes as you toyed me! How does it feel?” He grips his cushion, puts it on her face and begins suffocating her. He puts her to sleep thinking she is dead. Timmy then embarks liquidating her clothes harshly, rubs her assets, her milk cans, then he embarks pounding her. All of a sudden she wakes up with deep breath. Timmy panics, captures her statoscope and commences throttling her with it. When she isshivering and wiggling, she takes hold of his cock and milks it at the same time. When she is dead, he rubs her figure again, plays with her soles and nails her till he finishes off.

Psycho Thrillers-Angel Of Mercy part 7
Psycho Thrillers-Angel Of Mercy part 7

Runtime : 24min 15s
File Size : 1.53 GB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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