Peachy Keen Films-Deflowered

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Max is at it again with those apps! Today he requested a beautiful petite girl to model lingerie for him to buy for his Уgirlfriend.Ф Aah, technology. She arrives in a sexy pink teddy, and begins to model it in a very flaunty and teasing manner, her taught ass peaking out from under itТs fringe. No sooner than MaxТs cock gets stiff, filling his jeans, he presses the button on his tablet, stopping time just for her.
Theres something new and different about this one though. He stops to smell her neck, and beneath her perfume he hones in on that something special. By god sheТs a virgin! How can a girl so sexy have never been fucked? Max thinks itТs time to change that. He begins pushing away the delicate teddy to reveal her perky breasts. He stops to lick her hard plump nipples. Those are definitely virgin titties!

Laying his prize on the bed, he pushes aside her panties to reveal her tight pink virgin pussy. He takes a lick, it tastes so fresh! Spreading her lips apart he sucks on her clit, his cock throbbing, waiting be touched by her. He grabs her wrist and starts using her hand to jerk his man meat, her hand are so soft and she looks so cute laying there.

Perhaps a blowjob? Lifting her up he puts his dick in her mouth, and it feels amazing, pumping his length in and out of her throat. Noticing her feet he decides maybe a foot job? Those adorable toes, how could you not fuck them. But none of this is the main course. He flips her on her knees. ItТs time to see what real virgin pussy feels like. pushing her panties to the side he looks down at her tight little hole. Pushing his dick in takes a moment, but finally the doors to virgin heaven are open and heТs thrusting into untainted cunt. A pussy this tight needs a lot of working before he can jack hammer away. Finally he unloads his load, satisfied. He quickly dresses and puts her back in order.

Deactivating the app, she sees the spent condom on the table and a strange wedgie that wasnТt there moments ago. Oh dear god her precious virginity has been stolen! Max knowing heТs been caught, again, and grabs her to shut the bitch up. He wrings her pretty little neck choking her until the life leaves her glassy eyes. One more blowjob wonТt hurt her now. He sticks his dick in her mouth to deposit his load on her tongue, something not possible before, she wouldТve tasted it. Max leaves his latest victim on the bed.
Peachy Keen Films-Deflowered
Peachy Keen Films-Deflowered
Peachy Keen Films-Deflowered

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