Peachy Keen Films-Homeless Adolescent Girl

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It was a sickness he had. He could not control it. And today, he was at the park again. He found another. An adolescent girl. Late teens. Homeless no doubt. They were easy prey. They enter his home. It was a nice home. His wife was out of town as usually when he fed his cravings.
The girl was quiet. Shy. He know the type. Molested early, rough time in school. Runs away or parents disown. He found her by the skater park. She was probably looking for a hook up--a place to sleep for trade and probably some food money.
He would oblige.
She was a pretty little waif. She gave him a little back story, then did a little ditty in front of him. He got to see her closer--all her parts. He touched her. There was no complexity with this one. She knew what to do. She was slurping up his cock in no time. It was her her mouth was meant for. It was what she was meant for.
But, when he had enough, his cravings continued to move him toward his real task. To put this thing out of it's misery.
When she was not looking, he wrapped his tie around her subtle little neck and tore into her. She lashed back, with strength and fiery, carrying him all over the place. Soon, she broke away, and he had to chase the little cunt around the room. Finally, he had her, back--down on the couch, her legs kicking wildly, a shoe flew off.
Then, he brought her down to the floor to finish her. But, she would not go quietly. She struggle wildly. Her legs tensed and shook madly. Her face was contorted, her forehead bunched up, her eyes open, yet squinting with solid emotion and pain. Her tongue was reaching out so far, he wanted to grab it--rip it right out, but he concentrated at the task at hand.
She tried to fight him, tried to buck him, but he was 190 to her 90 and she eventually went--not quietly like some, but fighting all the way. Then, she was gone, as if the soul or whatever just vacated. She was just an empty shell--staring at him. He climbed off her, then felt his loins aching for her one more time.
He examined her body, touched her, then got her up on the couch and fucked her doggy style. Then, he flipped her over and fucked her on her back. She was tight--warm--nice--dead. Eventually, he placed her down in front of him, and bobbed her head over his cock, letting it slid in and out of her warm, wet mouth. He came in her, then let her fall to the floor.
He looked the young girl over one more time. Such a waist. He shoved her in a back and carried her out to dispose of.

Peachy Keen Films-Homeless Adolescent Girl
Peachy Keen Films-Homeless Adolescent Girl

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