Peachy Keen Films-The Hogtie Killer X Part 2

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See description in part 1 for the full story and summary of the complete series. In thier dead brothers torture room, they string Crowley up. Now it is time to beat her senseless for all they put her through. They begin working her over. It last for hours.
Beating with a bat, punching and hitting to start off. Then, they get out the cattle prod. At full voltage, it's a doozy of a shock. Not lethal of course, but torturous none the less. And, they don't let up...making it a game between them they mix shocking her with hitting her and beating her with the bat. If she goes out--and she does 2 or 4 times, they douse her with water and start again. Over and over until she is a blithering idiot.
Finally, the let her down and cattle prod her to the other side of the room where they re-secure her then knock her out. They brink in the rookie. A nice young girl--the police commissioners daughter in fact. Today, she was on a ride-a-long with Crowley. Wrong place, wrong time and now she would pay. First with her pussy and mouth, then with her life.
They hoisted her up, feeling her young form and relishing in her protests. They got her top opened and bra up. Pants pulled down. The brother painfully twisted her nipples while the father fingered her tight virgin pussy. After a while, they wanted more. They dropped her down and forced her to blow them--back and forth. Then on the mattress they fucked her every way, and mixed in oral as well. In the end, a little anal too. By the time they were done assaulting her, she was curled up in a ball--crying.
They moved her in front of Crowley. Both were awake. Crowley protested as they forced the young rookie to suck their cocks until both came in her mouth. Now they had her hogtied. This was the end. The started strangling her in front of Crowley and she went crazy watching. The rookie struggled, her face red, veins popping out. She squirmed and strained but after a while she slowed and finally was still. Dead. They lifted her up and took her away--later placing her back out in the office area (see part 1).
Now, it was Crowley's time to shine. They wrapped a rope around her neck. Both me held it and used it to guide her to their cocks. Back and forth she sucked them off until they loaded her mouth with cum. Then--the rope tightened and she knew this journey was at an end. She struggled and fought as best she could. She saw the face of her sister--her partner--all the others the Killer murdered and felt satisfaction, if only for a moment, that she killed him. But, now the two people she worked so hard to put away, the very people that the Killer started his rampage for, were out (on a fucking technicality appeal) and killing her now. It was all for nothing. All for nothing.
And, those were her last thoughts as she drifted away. All for nothing....

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