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Necro | 27-08-2013, 11:59  

PKF - Schoolgirl Stalker

PKF - Schoolgirl Stalker
Sam has been watching Amber for weeks. She was just so cute that she just wanted to have her to herself. She watched Amber walk by, unaware Sam was hiding in the bushes.

Sam followed Amber all the way home, then watch Amber through the window as she pleasured herself through her tight jeans.

While Amber was distracted, Sam approached her, wrapping a wire garrote around her neck, she rendered Amber unconscious. Now she could have her way with her. She spent time rubbing and playing with the young schoolgirl. She especially liked rubbing her tight blue jeans against hers. She loved the way it felt. She could get off on it.

When Amber came too, Sam hand throttled her back into unconsciousness, then continued to play with her.

When Amber came to again, Sam decided to kill the bitch. She put a pillow over her face and suffocated her.

Now dead, she could have her way with her and so she played with her a bit more. But, like most teenagers, she got bored fast. She dresses and then went to leave.

An object was in her way. It turned out to be Amber's older, just out of prison boyfriend. And, he had no trouble lifting Sam off the ground---by her neck.

He throttled Sam and she choked and struggled--kicking her feet as they dangled off the floor. When she was finally dead, he tossed her to the bed. Then, checked on Amber. She was dead. Being the sentimental type, he decided to fuck her one more time.

As he was fucking his dead teenage girlfriend, he started thinking the other dead girl looked pretty hot. He started interacting with the other girl as he fucked Amber. At one point he grabbed Sams hand and used it to help stimulate him.

Then, he was really horny. He pealed Sams tight jeans off and flipped her body over on top of Amber. He slipped his juice-covered cock out of Amber and slid it into Sam. He fucked Sam for a while then switched back to Amber.

Finally, he ended by coming all over Sams ass. He said his goodbyes and left the two dead girls posed together.

PKF - Schoolgirl Stalker PKF - Schoolgirl Stalker PKF - Schoolgirl Stalker

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