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Inshadow-Afternoon In Hell

Inshadow-Afternoon In Hell
Starring Emmanuelle, Syrena and newcomer Patricia
Syrena and Patricia are Emmanuelle and her boyfriend's guests, a nice couple they met in club a few days before. They just don't know they are falling into a deadly set up and the pervert lovers have some weird plan for them...
The sun is shining and the wine is good...till the drug inside had effect...Patricia and Syrena soon collapse, unconscious...
They wake up in a basement, bound and gagged. Emmanuelle, a wicked lesbian, enjoys playing with them both as her bf is watching. She takes Syrena and starts raping her as he takes part of it playing his favourite game, he gags Emmanuelle as well and fucks her while she is on Syrena....in front of Patricia's terrified eyes....
Syrena is led back to the chair, bound again, then slowly suffocated....Patricia comes next...Emmanuelle, now laying bound as well, enjoys the scene...
Done with the two girls, Emmanuelle's bf comes back to her. As they start to have sex again, Emmanuelle suddenly enters in panic, she knows him..his crazyness, worse than her own, his eyes don't lie to her...she desperatly tries to beg him through the gag...till he wraps the plastic bag around her head....

Inshadow-Afternoon In Hell
Inshadow-Afternoon In Hell

Runtime : 19min 58s
File Size : 266 MB
Resolution : 640x360

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