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Inshadow-Abducted Fuck Toy

Inshadow-Abducted Fuck Toy
Starring Nadya. Hands tied and tape gagged, the struggling girl is violently pushed inside the room and on the bed. The kidnapper punches her face, knocking her out...He can then peacefully starts to enjoy his unconscious prey... She wakes up after a while, and her fight against the brutal guy who is raping her makes him really angry...He grabs an electric cord laying on a close nightstand and chokes her... The girls mouth suddenly gasps for air, so much that the tape covering it can not resist...does not matter anymore...She is now just able to gurggle and not to scream anymore.
He keeps on strangling life out of her while fucking, and feels her fight for life going down as her strugglings... Her soul and body are soon just giving up, her convulsing body does not really resist anymore and her wide open mouth is just gasping for some breath it does not find... So he takes her out of bed, she is now kneeling, mouth wide open....that's the part the bastard likes the most...Cumming in his victim's mouth as she is dying...and she takes a huge load from him as she gave some last spasms....
He then drops her on the bed again, unties her hands, and enjoys some moments of pure love with his new dead doll, playing with her limb body...another added to his collection,...

Inshadow-Abducted Fuck Toy
Inshadow-Abducted Fuck Toy

Runtime : 17min 35s
File Size : 254 MB
Resolution : 720x405

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