Peachy Keen Films-Stabbing Attack

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Starring Whitney
Introducing Katelin

Note: If you like bloody stabbings with good momentum, then you should like this. Both girls really got into it. Belly stab, Breast, Chest, and 2 throat slits.

Kyrin and Tiffany just were high school BFF's. They just graduated and were rooming together in student housing getting ready for their first year of collage. They were young, in love and life was good.

What could go wrong.

As the girls were making out on the couch, a man burst in and stabs Kyrin in the back. She falls back and he goes right into Tiffany, stabbing the teen in her belly. Both girl cry in pain.

Kyrin falls off the couch and tries to crawl away, blood oozing out of the wound in her back. But the man pulls the knife out of her roommate and is back on her, flipping her over, pulling her up by the hair, then plunging the blade into her bossom. She screams in pain--her face contorts.

He lets Kyrin fall back to the ground, the goes back to Tiffany, tormenting her, then gouging the blade across her cheek and Kyrin listens in horror.

Then, to Tiffany's own horror, the man stabs her in her right breast---through her bra. She coughs up blood, spasming in pain.

He then pulls her by her hair into the middle of the room and drags the knife across her tender neck--blood spurting out.

He guides her back against the couch where she soon expires with a wide-eyed stare.

Kyrin looks on in horror and pain as the man crouches over her, then against her pleading sinks the blade into the soft flesh of her neck, dragging it across her throat.

She gasps, gargles, blood pours out her mouth and then, she slowly dies, with a wide-eyed stare and blank look.

The man looks over his kills, then cuts off their clothing. He sits with them, pulling one body up over him like a blanket, playing with them.

Then, he turns Tiffany onto the couch, ass facing him and fucks her dead teenage corpse.

When he is done, he lets her flop to the ground with a thud and leaves the two girls a bloody dead mess.

Peachy Keen Films-Stabbing Attack
Peachy Keen Films-Stabbing Attack
Peachy Keen Films-Stabbing Attack
Peachy Keen Films-Stabbing Attack

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Destino 11 June 2013 20:24
can you reupload this? Doesn't work
oleg 18 June 2013 16:48
soon to be reupload, sorry
Destino 9 August 2013 14:28
As soon as possible, I hope :)
Kafeel 8 December 2013 14:45
ந த வ ண ட ம ? Simple way.உடன கட க க ஓட . வ ள ள ந ல கண ட வ ங க . அத த ர . வசத ய க ம ட ட க க ள . உனக க கண ட ப ப க அவ ள க ர ட ட ள ந த க ட க க ம .The irony is - the name of the judge who gave the verdict in caahambdrim is ambedhkar.
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