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Peachy Keen Films-Rival Gang Shoot Out

Peachy Keen Films-Rival Gang Shoot Out
A group of gang-girls are all gathered for a bachelorette party in a local safe-house that is currently being renovated for the bride-to-be and her soon to be new husband -- the local leader of their crime syndicate. Laughing it up and drinking, the girls party in cute lingerie without a care, with the hostess lavishing gifts of money and slutty drunkenness all over her girlfriends.

Suddenly, a rival gang enters; one man and two women. They quickly duck for cover upon realizing the head count was more then previously anticipated. It was supposed to be a snatch and grab operation -- taking the bride as hostage for leverage. Not so. The party girls quickly grab their guns and the battle begins.

Chaos ensues, bullets fly and bodies fall.

In the end, only one man is left standing. His two girls are dead and so are all the others. He killed the bride too. After seeing her mercilessly kill his sweetheart, he just could not let her live.

It was all surreal to him. Alone in this room, seven dead girls. What to do.

First, he checked out his girlfriend. She was still alive, but mortally wounded. He saved her from suffering and shot her in the tit -- finishing her off. Then he went to Lexxi, his other girl. She was to be his next, but now she was dead and he would never get a chance with her. So, he figured he would check out the goods.

After he finished with Lexxi, he moved on to the other girls. With the first girl, he was surprised to discover that, not only did they have pretty cool guns, but each girl had money hidden throughout thier clothing - -no doubt from the bachelorette party activities. So, he decided he would have to check out each girl... thoroughly. He moved through the room, semi and fully stripping each girl. Most he used scissors to cut off their clothing. He collected their weapons and cash and checked out their assets.

When he got to Mia, he realized he must strip her too. He had to complete the process, make it look like an outside job -- a message to both gangs perhaps. He was not sure how it would all play out, but he know he was not going to take the blame for the mess.

With that, he looked over the room... carnage and death, yet beauty too. He signed, with nothing to say, then departed, leaving the beautiful dead women to be found by their boyfriends and husbands.

Crime certainly did not pay for these girls....

Peachy Keen Films-Rival Gang Shoot Out
Peachy Keen Films-Rival Gang Shoot Out
Peachy Keen Films-Rival Gang Shoot Out

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