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Peachy Keen Films -Breaking The New Girl 2

Peachy Keen Films -Breaking The New Girl 2
It is very late and Jack returns back to his office after beating, raping, and murdering Kala, the new girl at the office. A tragic end to her first week. He settles in and resumes preparing for the sales presentation he must give in the morning. In walks Raven. She looks very tired. It was her birthday today and she spent most of her working day messing around. Now, she had worked way late, fallen asleep and was locked in the building. She knew the procedure for leaving, but thought she would check in on Jack, after all, she was partly responsible for making sure he has his presentation ready. Jack mentally decided that he was up for one more tonight, and vocally convinces her to come back to his apartment where he keeps most of his presentation paperwork.
At his apartment, she waits on his sofa while he puts on some music. He sits by her, admired her ankle bracelet for the second time today and then, after some smooth talking, convinces her to dance with him. He has her put on some shoes he happens to have. She slips her nylon clad feet into them--perfect fit. As they dance, she starts to listen to her instincts and asks to leave. Instantly he punches her hard in the head. She falls down whimpering and in shock. He punches her again in the head, when one more time in the ribs. He picks her up and drags her off.
He lifts her up and throws her onto the bed. He is down on her and in her face with intensity and sweat dripping, hand tight on her neck he compels her to cooperate. He takes his cock out and forces her to suck it and suck it she does. She takes it all in and gives him a fucking good BJ. When he is good and hard he thrusts his cock into her pussy and fucks her tight cunt hard and fast. She scratches him. He grabs her and starts slamming her head hard into the headboard. He repositions her, then fucks her some more until he is tired of fucking the little office whore. He pulls out the nylon he used to murder Kala. He he is bringing it slowly toward her neck while she is crying and not looking at him. She says, "Can I just go home please". No, she will never go home. He brings the garrote down and across her petite neck, digging inter her soft young flesh. She reacts instantly--her head arching back, mouth open, tongue out, her hand trying to get under the nylon. He pulls it so tight it digs into her skin. Her body tries to twist and turn, but he is on top of her, her legs flail to the side. Then, she catches him off balance and she tries to escape. She is off the bed and heads to the door, but he has her. He clutches her tight, reassuring, calming the crying, whimpering bitch. It will all be OK. He brings her back onto the bed. He gets himself in a much better position, guides her down in-between his legs. She was so compliant, passive. Didn't she know. He saw this sort of irrationality before, it was a killers best friend. Her shaking quivering body against him as he got the nylon into a good position and all she could do was say, "please, no, please...". And now it was time. Mustering up all his strength left, this being his second kill this night, he pulls the garrote tight around her neck for the last time. Her body reacts again, this time with a heightened level of fear, panic and most of all, a desire to live. Her mouth was open, tongue lashing out, eyes wide. Her pelvis thrust forward, her legs shaking and kicking, her arms swinging, hands hitting and clawing. Jack took it all in. As her back and ass grinded on his stick cock, he was in bliss. This was his drug. She fought hard for a good long time as he would expect for a girl of her age and physical shape. When she did weaken, it was so erotic. She starting quivering--every muscle. Her legs pointed out, still clad in thigh highs, toes pointing. Her eyes started to show a look of despair, soon to be acceptance. As she slowed, he was all the more excited to explore her again. She was such a fine catch and though she will be missed at the office, killing her just meant he would get to hire her replacement--again.
Finally, after a long fight, she was dead, mouth open, eyes looking nowhere. He pushed her up, then let her flop on the bed. Time to have more fun. He spread her legs and went down on her, tasting her sweet pussy, wet with her juices. Then he sucked her big, superb, tits for a bit. He was ready to finish, so he started fingering her pussy while masturbating over her, finally shooting his hot load all over her tummy and tits. After admiring her a bit longer, he leaves her cum-soaked body to look for another tarp.

Peachy Keen Films -Breaking The New Girl 2
Peachy Keen Films -Breaking The New Girl 2
Peachy Keen Films -Breaking The New Girl 2

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