Peachy Keen Films-Fatal Encounter

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Starring Soleil

Note: Exceptional acting by all involved. Soleil was great. And, I don't think she stopped screaming and crying until she was dead. Lots of content her and a nice long postmortem scene at the end.

Chrissy had no idea she was being watched while she was getting out of her car at the strip mall. And, when she left her purse on the trunk while she went back into her car to search for something---she never noticed the man run up and grab her wallet.

If only she had noticed. Maybe things would have been different.

The men sat in the car outside Mr. Shrifers house. Chrissy was home. Her car was their. They had her ID---it led them straight to her. The game was on.

Chrissy was relaxing, reading a magazine when the knocks started and would not stop until she answered. She just wanted to enjoy her afternoon.

The guy said he was a mall cop---he had her wallet and would return it, but needed to ask her some questions.

Things might have turned our differently if she did not let them in. If she just called the police---the real police.

But, they weren't.

She was nervous for sure--sitting on her couch. One man sat to her right, giving her strange stares and asking too personal question. The other had gone to search her room.

Finally, she knew there was something wrong and went to look for him. Once she reached her bedroom, saw the cuffs on her bed, she freaked out.

That's when she was grabbed.

It was all downhill for her from that point on.

They carried her back to the living room--she was screaming bloody murder.

First, came the anal rape.

Then, they took turns fucking her mouth.

Then, then fucked her.

Then they anal raped her again.

Much of the time, while one raped her, the other was suffocating her.

But, that was just in the living room. Now for the bedroom.

She was chained to the bed, and they took turns raping her and suffocating her with a pillow. They would not let up, and she was delirious with terror.

Later, the flipped her over and there was more anal rape.

Finally, after hours and hours of sexually abusing her, it was time to finish her.

While one man fucked her, the other wrapped a rope around her neck, strangling her to death. Poor, poor Chrissy. She tried to fight, tried to struggle, but she was all tied up and her mouth gagged. All she could do is look bug-eyed and stick her tongue out. She was so pretty, and now--so dead.

But about 4 hours later, after going through the house for a while, one of the men came back. Her corpse looked so good.

He could not help himself. He cock was so stiff--he wanted it inside her. He climbed on her and fucked her cold dead corpse for a good long time. Eventually, he fucked her so hard, she flipped off the bed and he let out of surge of sperm all over her lifeless body.

Time to go, and he pushed her over on her back and left her.

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