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Peachy Keen Films-Coed Slaughter

Peachy Keen Films-Coed Slaughter
Two college coeds are just waking up and starting their morning routine. Suddenly a psycho slasher bursts out of the spare room. He quickly slices the throat of the first girl sitting at the kitchen counter, then confronts the second girl, sliding his long butcher knife into her soft belly several times until she lay helpless and in agony on the coffee table. Meanwhile, the other girl clutches her throat, but cannot stop the ***** from pouring out of the deep wound all over the white countertop. From behind the killer plants a knife deep in her back, then lifts her up on the kitchen counter and plunges the knife up through her ribs and jiggles it around tearing up her organs. In a moment she is lifeless. He goes back the the other girl -- quickly straddles her then plunges his knife right between her breasts. She tenses up in pain, then slowly expires. He tears her shirt open, exposing her full breasts. He goes back to the other dead girl and rips her panties off and admires his bloody work.

Peachy Keen Films-Coed Slaughter
Peachy Keen Films-Coed Slaughter
Peachy Keen Films-Coed Slaughter

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