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Peachy Keen Films-Snuff Art

Peachy Keen Films-Snuff Art
Starring Alexandra

A famous local photographer comes to take pictures of Alexandra. He is quite the snob and she feels as if she is being talked down to.

He decides that while she might not be right for glamour modeling, she might work for his new crime scene exhibit. However, putting her through the paces, he pisses her off and she starts to leave. But, as she realizes she is in her own apartment and it is he who should leave, she is attacked.

The garrote wraps around her neck and she is brought to the hard floor kicking and struggling, her legs clad in slippery pantyhose.

She struggles for quite a bit before death.

After he has murdered the attractive woman, he drags her around the room for a bit, the sets her up on the sofa, pulls down her pantyhose and checks her beautiful body out. He fucks her corpse for a bit then reposes her with her limp head hanging off the couch and fucks her mouth until cumming.

He reposes her, then snaps a few shots for his private exhibit before leaving.

Peachy Keen Films-Snuff Art
Peachy Keen Films-Snuff Art

Runtime : 26min 10s
File Size : 1.66 GB
Resolution : 1280x720

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