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Juliette Captured – Tickled & Fucked

Juliette Captured – Tickled & Fucked
Juliette is sleeping in her bed, wearing a white bra and tubesocks. Unfortunaly she has forgotten to lock the door. So an intruder is coming in and chlorof**ms the sleeping damsel. After this he started to tie her up to the bed. After this he wakes her up with some faceslaps. He wants money, but Juliette do not tell him where it is. So the intruder starts to tickle her to get the information. Juliette screams and laughs loud during this tickletorture, because she is very very ticklish. So Juliette says the man where he finds the money to stop this unbelievable torture. But unfortunally it is not enough money for the intruder. So he starts to fuck Juliette in doggystyle position. Juliette moans and screams while the man fucks her. She does not want the cock inside her, but she is absolutely helpless.

Juliette Captured – Tickled & Fucked Juliette Captured – Tickled & Fucked

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