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Peachy Keen Films-Observing Flora

Peachy Keen Films-Observing Flora
Emma is collecting samples for her thesis paper out in the forest of Northern California. She keeps hearing noises. She overlooks them at very first, but ultimately determines to head back to her car. On the way, she stumbles via some loosely grown marijuana plants. She is affected with the health of the plants and notes that they are a hybrid. She is oblivious that the grower has been seeing her the entire time.
He ultimately determines that she is too close to his lurk and attacks her, picking her up by the neck, he tosses her down the hillside. She comes to rest, spanking her head against a tree and is out. He checks her out, looking over her sizzling figure. He determines to pick her up and carries her off in the forest. He places her over a log and assaults the unconscious dame.
Afterward, he has her sitting upright when she comes too. Before she can assets out what is happening, she begins wringing her neck with his naked arms. She struggles firm for a while, her flip-flops come off and her toes delve in the mess. Ultimately, she slows down and is dead. He lets her leisurely slide the the ground, laying in an clumsy pose. He leaves her bod for the hairy men to find.
Peachy Keen Films-Observing Flora
Peachy Keen Films-Observing Flora
Peachy Keen Films-Observing Flora
Peachy Keen Films-Observing Flora

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