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Choke Chamber-White collar crime

Choke Chamber-White collar crime
When this spectacular Playboy vixen supersedes her father’s multi-million buck garb line, she overturns his lengthy time partner’s sonny and co-owner, Grant and buys him out of the biz he built from the ground up. Dazed and angry, Grant confronts the spunky ash-blonde hotty, and insists she back out. Cold-hearted, and insensitive, she urges Grant to accept his destiny, and take a demoted stance in middle-management instead. Enraged with fury, grant shoves his fucking partner against the couch, and knocks her out unconscious. After realizing what he had just done, he embarks to unclothe her, and paw her naked nude bumpers. When she comes to, he pokes her, grips her by mushy slick hatch, and gasps her with his neck truss until her last dying breath.Upon her untimely demise, he plays with her cold, lifeless assets, touching it to his heart’s content. It emerges she won’t be selling after all.

Choke Chamber-White collar crime
Choke Chamber-White collar crime

Runtime : 15min 1s
File Size : 387 MB
Resolution : 1280x720

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