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Choke Chamber-Politically correct

Choke Chamber-Politically correct

Choke Chamber-Politically correct

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#1 wrote: Emrah (12 June 2015 11:36)
flat out, I'm not going to talk about him campaign. Charles said, I'm happy she is coeecrnnd with fixing local streets. All to often I feel politicians speak in absolutes and avoid answering tough questions. Gotcha politics is a poison that leaves a bitter taste in the voters mouth. We need our elected officials to work for us, the voters and the only way we can know if our concerns will be addressed is if the politician answers the questions.Twice during the 60 minute presentation Amanda drew a blank. Her excuse was, it is too early for me to function. When Amanda did speak she spoke intelligently, but left out much of the substance that contained solutions for roads, small business taxes and city planning. Charles was sharper and had crisper answers.Before anyone jumps to the conclusion that I am a Charles supporter, please note that I live int he city of Fairview and will not have the opportunity to vote for either candidate.Ed Bejarana

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