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ChokeChamber-Mercy killing

ChokeChamber-Mercy killing
Christine is switching in her bedroom, clothed in nothing but a boulder-holder and undies. As she’s admiring an evening sundress stringing up up she hears a sound – someone is attempting to open her bedroom door. She stashes behind it as it opens. An intruder advances, scanning the apartment for her. She hits out at him from her stashing place, hastily defeating him and knocking him onto the couch. She secures his head inbetween her gams, trapping his facehole and wringing strongly as she lays back on the sofa, catching her breath and taking stock of the situation. He attempts unsuccessfully to pry her gams free with his arms, but is unsuccessful. Christine: Oh you won’t get my gams unlocked baby, not my gams. (The Assassin laughs at his tries to free himself.) Finer fellows than you have attempted and it’s always finished up the same way for them. She pauses as she wrings firmer for a moment. Christine: “Now, you’ve got about 2 minutes before I kill you to tell me who sent you.” (The Intruder converses – fighting inbetween the Assassin’s gorgeous head scissors.) Surge: Irvin sent me…said he wished you out of the way… (The name causes the assassin to view bewildered and unassured for a moment.) Christine: “Where is he?” (The Intruder gives up his address.) “How many others are with him?” Surge: “One, maybe 2 boys – depends on the time of day.” (The Assassin gesticulates, making a mental note.) Christine: “Now, what to do with you…” (she muses, picking up her cellphone and making a call while keeping her gimp clipped inbetween her gams.) “Hey, it’s Angel – I’m sorry but I need to postpone our tryst tonight – some…pressing biz has come up that I need to deal with. Can I take a raincheck on that for now…sure, I’ll call you afterwards.” (She completes the call and addresses the Intruder.) After realizing that the hitman was sent by a previous paramour, she determines to comeback the favor, and pay him a visit. She switches into a sumptuous, form-fitting, all ebony catsuit, accomplish with ebony, hip high shoes. After all, it’s nicer to assassinate an senior flame in fashion. She sneaks into his hideaway, first-ever killing his Two bodyguards with her infamous gasp deathholds. One by one, they fall slave to her clutches. Alas, she faces her final target… Irvin. Irvin informs her that he has been waiting for her, and that he expected she would come. He has a terminal illness, and denies to let the sickness get the finest of him. After hearing his news, Christine understands just what she is meant to do for him… pamper him with a struggle to the death. Instantly, they swap blows. She kicks, and punches him ever so elegantly. They sway at each other, both identically versed in martial arts. But alas, Christine is just far authoritative is fashion, and capability. She finds an opening, and gets Irvin in a heavy gasp hold. She wrings rigidly, limiting the load of oxygen to his brain. Moments afterward, he expires. The struggle is over, but what a way to go.

ChokeChamber-Mercy killing
ChokeChamber-Mercy killing

Runtime : 15min 14s
File Size : 260 MB
Resolution : 640x480

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