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Choke Chamber- Dirty laundry

Choke Chamber- Dirty laundry
Sequence opens with fantastic Goldie, trussed up and gullet taped, in what emerges to be a dark, laundry apartment. As a government spy, teaching has enabled her to linger quiet and collected. She assesses the situation. Within moments upon her waking, she hears 2 masculine expresses approaching. The studs inject. They tease and taunt Goldie. They exhaust her, molest her. They undo her taut, seductive leather jacket and pull out her massive, white dual D endowments. They embark to caress her nude nude melons. She attempts to pull away, but the 2 boys are persistent, and fierce. Obviously, Goldie has revealed their “dirty laundry” (money laundering) and must now be disposed of. One of the dudes takes an interest in Goldie’s sexy neck, and sans hestitation, begins to gasp her madly. She passes out. While unconscious, the 2 fellows leave her locked in the apartment, only to meet her unavoidable fate… a lengthy, torturous, pitiful death with the GAS CHAMBER!

Choke Chamber- Dirty laundry
Choke Chamber- Dirty laundry
Choke Chamber- Dirty laundry

Runtime : 10min 46s
File Size : 390 MB
Resolution : 1280x720

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