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Choke Chamber- Despicable wife

Choke Chamber- Despicable wife
Athena’s spouse is going away on a biz journey, and has the building to herself for the weekend. Aroused about the newfound freedom, she instantly contacts her paramour, and temptingly invites him over for a tiny “private have fun.” She taunts, and flirts excessively across the call. He comes over, and they dork around. Lil' does the buxomy cheater realize that her spouse is aware of her molten affair. Alas, spouse can no longer contain his wrath, he cracks into the apartment, and confronts his unfaithful wifey. She jumps up from surprise, and attempts to defend herself. She makes every useless try to lie. Ultimately, the husband loses all patience, and charges for her jaws. He climbs on top, and forcibly squashes her neck until the veins pop up, and hoists her off the ground. She fights to break free, but his rage fuels his strength over her. Within minutes, the bodacious sweetie expires. Her death does not please his need for revenge. But strangely, he is sexually aroused by his wife’s muffle. He embarks to have fun with her still figure. He takes off her, and loves her spectacular assets. Much to his surprise, she’s more joy post-mortem!

Choke Chamber- Despicable wife
Choke Chamber- Despicable wife
Choke Chamber- Despicable wife

Runtime : 15min 1s
File Size : 385 MB
Resolution : 1280x720

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